“I have been going to massage therapists for the last 25 years around the world – in London, Vancouver, Moscow, Budapest and at many fancy international hotels. Monica is simply the best massage therapist I have ever been too and I have been a regular client for several years now. As well as being a great massage therapist, she is also a trained in┬áTraditional Chinese Medicine and has an extensive understanding of physiotherapy –┬áso whether it is a deep but relaxing massage you are looking for, or treatment for a specific injury, I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

“Monica has pretty much cured me from injuries when no one else could – and I saw the full gamut of healers to deal with my shoulder and neck. With her depth of knowledge both as a massage therapist and Chinese medicine practitioner- she was convinced she could fix me and I was truly amazed when I was finally pain free. Her healing attributes aside, her deep tissue massage is enough to keep me hooked and what started as a medical necessity has become a weekly treatment that my life just can’t do without. I would recommend to everyone I know…and I do!”

“Monica has been my caregiver for several years, providing primarily massage therapy. She is thoroughly professional, providing a diagnostic and clinical approach to massage rather than just simply executing the same routine every visit. She has successfully treated injuries of both an acute and chronic nature for me. I also regard the regular treatment I get from Monica as essential to my ongoing general wellness and injury prevention. I can’t recommend her highly enough – Monica is fantastic at what she does.”

“I was fortunate enough to be treated by Monica while at a fitness retreat winter 2015. Not only was she experienced with scoliosis but she specialized in knees as well. I have been receiving weekly (sometimes twice a week) treatment since Jan 2015 and I have nothing but positive comments and praise for this lady. Flexible scheduling is key for me and my day job and each and every treatment I leave with a sigh of relief. Thank you Monica for all the work we have done together, I look forward to each and every visit!”

“I first visited Monica after my partner suggested her as a very capable massage therapist. I do not believe I have ever had such a deep & lasting muscle release and relax! I visited Monica over the course of many months, while she worked on sore muscle groups in my neck, legs, and hips and though I often felt tentative (as I knew I would have the massage of a lifetime every time I saw her) I always left feeling alive and yet relaxed. Still today, I use a simple list of exercises Monica provided me to work on IT band stiffness and muscle mobility. If you are ready to examine your health, loosen those tight muscles & work to improve posture and mobility, consider a massage with Monica!”

“A close friend and therapist, recommended Monica as a talented massage therapist experienced in many disciplines.
My first massage session I felt I was in very talented hands and with each appointment experience deeper layers of tension and pain melting away. As of today I am entirely pain free and look forward to even further mobility.
I have nothing but admiration for Monica’s talent and highly recommend her.”

“I have known Monica for the past few years both as a student of mine and as a health care practitioner. As a client of hers, Monica’s extensive knowledge of massage therapy combined with Chinese Medicine has proved beneficial to both my mind and body!”

“Monica is an intuitive healer who has made an incredibly positive difference in my well being. I have recommended her over and over again to friends and family. She’s amazing!”